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My first question was how useful did you find the website out of 5 possible points. The average score was 4.3 with a number of 5's for the usefulness of the website. I do believe I built a Wiki that allows others to gain educational technology knowledge.

The second question was which page was most beneficial to you. The number one page that teachers and administrators thought was useful was the teacher resource page. This website was probably the most useful because of the tech tip videos I embeded in the page. Teacher enjoy the video because it gives them an insight on the technology in the classroom.

The third question was would you bookmark this site. I received 7 yes answers, 1 no and 1 non-response. Even though I wish everyone responded with yes, I was happy that the majority found it bookmark worthy.

The fourth question was probably the encouraging. It was the question of if they would recommend the site to the educational community. Everyone responded with likely to very likely to recommend this page to others in the educational community. This tells me that overall they found usefulness in the website.

The next question was what particular feature was the most helpful or would be the most helpful for teachers. The overwhelming response was the video tutorials which are always a big hit with teachers looking for integration strategies.

The last question was how can I improve the website to make it more beneficial. I received one comment that I should share it with more people throughout my district. I might when our school year begins in two weeks. Overall I was surprised on the positive feedback I received. I will continue to grow this site to benefit other teachers throughout my district and others. I didn't have them put their name on it because I wanted them to be honest and overall I received some honest feedback. I did send it out to a few other teachers I met at a regional conference. I wanted to get feedback from people I don't speak to on a regular basis to get real feedback.